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Motor Vehicle Citations

Under Title 75 of the Pennsylvania Statutes you can find each and every particular violation set forth which has been adopted by the Legislature of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. These deal with both moving violations and licensing, registration, commercial driver’s license, and insurance information.

As relates to motor vehicle violations under the Motor Vehicle Code it is safe to say there is a ten day period in which once you have received the citation you may indicate on the back of the citation by taking it to the District Justice, as indicated on the front of the citation, plead not guilty and request a hearing. There is a dollar amount for the fine and there is a dollar amount to request the hearing. If you are unable to pay the fine, the District Justice may either set a specific number for you to pay or may set a hearing without paying the fine. If the fine is paid and you are found not guilty at the hearing, the funds will be returned to you. If the fine is paid and you are found guilty there will be no increase in the fine because you had a hearing. If there was no fine paid and you are found guilty you obviously then owe the fine, and as stated above if you do not pay the fine, you may end up with an indefinite suspension.

If you fail to take the appropriate action within the ten days you will have again, based on the agreement you entered into by receiving your driver’s license, have agreed to plead guilty to that offense. If that offense carries with it any additional points for violations or suspension of your driver’s license the Department of Transportation will upon receipt of notice from the District Justice indicate that on your record and add the additional points to your record. If you have failed to pay the fine and you are found guilty the failure to pay may lead to an indefinite suspension because of your problems with outstanding fines.