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Point System

§ 1535 Schedule of convictions and points

(a) General rule.--A point system for driver education and control is hereby established which is related to other provisions for use, suspension and revocation of the operating privilege as specified under this title. Every driver licensed in this Commonwealth who is convicted of any of the following offenses shall be assessed points as of the date of violation in accordance with the following schedule:

See Points Table Here.


(b) Multiple offenses from same act.--If a driver is convicted of an offense under section 3361 (relating to driving vehicle at safe speed) or 3714 (relating to careless driving), in addition to being convicted of another offense committed at the same time and place, no points shall be assigned for violation of section 3361 or 3714 if points are assigned for the other offense.

(c) No points after six months.  The department shall assign points to the record of any person within six months from the date of a conviction. Any points assigned after such six-month period shall be null and void.


(d) Exception.  This section does not apply to a person who was operating a pedalcycle or an animal drawn vehicle.