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Probationary/Occupational Licenses

Drivers who are serving a specific, definite or a term suspension may qualify for a probationary license which would allow them to drive for any purpose between the hours of 6:00 AM and 7:00 PM seven days a week. There are certain violations which will not allow you to qualify for this license and you should contact this office or an attorney if you wish to apply.

The other type of license which you may receive as a result of your license suspension and these are for definite or term suspensions, nor for indefinite suspensions, and that would be an occupational license which would allow you to drive back and forth to work. You must make application to the Department of Transportation, you must set forth where you work, your hours of work and what you believe the general time it will take you to go to and from work will be. Again you may not have been convicted of certain offenses, specifically you may not have been convicted of DUI within the last seven years for either one of the above. There is no right to have a probationary or occupational license in this matter. To have one and to get cited for additional violations of the Motor Vehicle Code will in most cases generally lead to a revocation of the probationary or occupational license and further points and suspensions on your regular driving license.