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Last Will & Testament

A Will is a legal instrument which allows an individual to distribute his/her property in a manner he/she so wishes at the time of his death. The maker of the Will generally and in Pennsylvania is required to be at least eighteen years of age and of sound mind. In Pennsylvania a Will requires at least two witnesses and may be self executing if done properly. In a Will an individual may make a specific bequest to an individual or may make a general residue bequest.

It is of extreme importance that the age, ability of the individual, the written and signing requirements be met. Failure to meet these will cause the Will to be disallowed by Probate in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and thereby causing the individual to have died intestate or without a Will and have the property be distributed pursuant to the Statute and not pursuant to the wishes of the decedent.


It is important before drafting a Will or any type of Estate Planning instrument, the person must know the extent of his/her estate. Therefore, to help you begin to focus on your estate we have included a sample Will Information form used in our office which we hope will require the individual to begin the task of identifying all of the person’s possible assets.